Août 2019


“At what glacial speed does an exhausted cyclist stop moving forwards and start toppling sideways? That was the question going through my mind as I tried to ignore the pain in my cramping legs, squeezed the last few drops of warm water from my bottle, and stole a glance at my handlebar computer. Four miles per hour was the sorry reading that greeted me…”

Avril 2019


  • P-O Life - Out on the town…in Perpignan

« A day on the beach, a trek in the mountains, a drive along the pretty coastal or winding mountain roads….we’re never short of things to do and places to go in the P-O. Today however, we’re out on the town for a wander around a few of the delights of historic Perpignan with its colourful mix of old and new, chic and shabby, trendy boutiques, narrow, cobbled streets and small intimate bistros…”